This Beautiful Time Lapse Of An Aircraft Carrier Construction Looks Like A Lego Project

aircraft carrier time lapse

Aircraft carriers of the US are a symbol of an unprecedented military might of the nation. Britain, the old ruler of the seas is much weaker in terms of aircraft carriers than its biggest ally as it operates around 3 of them only and thus, cannot have one in every ocean at the same. In a move to increase the naval presence, the Royal Navy has sanctioned two larger Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft carriers and one of them will be commissioned by 2020. Construction on the new carrier began in 2011 and within five years, much of the main hull and the small airfield on top was built.

The carrier has the capacity to carry more than 1600 personnel in a relaxed arrangement. Ever wondered how it can be accomplished in such a small period of time? Only the paint job takes about 15 million square feet of paint while it also houses 3100 Km of electric cables and 182,000 meters of plumbing network. Here is the time lapse video from the dry dock where it is being manufactured:

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