This Award-Winning Geological Skyscraper Has Finally Been Completed In Amsterdam

Meet the world’s best new “geological skyscraper” that has been magnificently built by the designer MVRDV. The architecture of this building speaks for itself, and is truly a sight to behold. This undeniably cool and futuristic landscape consists of three fascinating towers that can be undoubtedly regarded as showstoppers. This whole project, named “Valley”, has been constructed by taking into consideration the quality standards of an eclectic Dutch studio. Surrounded by a lush green landscape, “Valley” has changed the landscape of the whole locality bordering it.

It should be noted that Amsterdam’s business district has been chosen for building this masterpiece, which comprises different offices, apartments, and retail stores housed within the three magnificently designed towers. All three towers are interlinked with each other and stand tall at 67 m, 81 m, and 100 m, respectively. Architects have used glassy mirrors on the outer sides of the buildings, and natural stones have been engraved on the inner sides of the towers. One of the interesting things to note is that special software has been used in order to broaden the view of the outer landscape.

Moreover, there are some terraces within the towers that are even open to the general public, and you can enjoy the majestic views from there. Not only this, in order to change the entire landscape of the “Valley” and to give it a greener look, the landscape architect, Piet Oudolf, has deployed around 271 young trees and 13,500 smaller plants and shrubs. These plants and trees will eventually grow into big leaves, thus endorsing the scenery of the skyscraper as well. According to MVRDV, “The design and construction of Valley is utterly bespoke, requiring the sustained commitment of hundreds of designers, engineers, builders, consultants, and, of course, the client.”

Coupled with this, it further stated, “Each of the 198 apartments has a unique floorplan, made possible by the interior designs by Heyligers Architects. And the outlandish cantilevers of the towers are possible thanks to innovative engineering, including eleven steel “specials” bolted to the concrete building that take the overall appearance to the next level. “

As already noted, being the world’s best geological skyscraper, the building has got “BREEAM-NL Excellent green building certification” and has also deployed several automation systems and sensors in order to oversee the tasks of energy usage. You would be amazed to know that it took four years for this masterpiece to come into being, and in order to celebrate the completion of this mega project, the owner of this building, the RJB Group of Companies, and developer Edge, have recently organized an inauguration ceremony.

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