This Australian Company Has Successfully Tested An eVTOL With 620 Miles Of Range


AMSL Aero, an Australian firm, has completed the first successful tethered test flight of its electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft named Vertiia. This successful test is a major milestone for the company, as it brings them closer to realizing their vision of offering safe and sustainable air transportation.

Vertiia is designed to offer a 620-mile range, making it one of the most capable eVTOLs on the market. The aircraft aims to alleviate traffic congestion and provide faster and more efficient transportation options for people in urban areas. With its electric propulsion system, Vertiia is also expected to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution.

Due to its energy-saving design, the company asserts that it is the “world’s most efficient electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.” Prior to recharging, the eVTOL will be able to cruise at a top speed of 180 mph (300 km/h) and cover 155 miles (250 km) using only electric power.

With hydrogen fuel, the aircraft’s range can be increased to an impressive 620 miles (1,00 km), allowing it to take off and land like a helicopter. The company plans to use the aircraft in the passenger, emergency services, and aeromedical markets.

The successful test flight of Vertiia is a testament to the company’s engineering and design capabilities. The tethered test flight involved the aircraft hovering at a height of 30 meters for several minutes. The company plans to conduct more test flights in the future, including untethered flights, to further refine the aircraft’s performance.

Vertiia’s design includes a unique hybrid lift and thrust system, which makes it stand out from other eVTOL aircraft on the market. The system comprises six ducted fans that provide vertical lift and a rear-mounted propeller that provides forward thrust. This unique design allows Vertiia to achieve a higher range than other eVTOLs while still being efficient and sustainable.

AMSL Aero is not the only player in the eVTOL industry, as other companies like Jetoptera and ARC Aerosystems are also making significant strides in the market. The increasing interest and investment in eVTOLs are a testament to the potential of this industry, as it provides a solution to the growing problem of urban traffic congestion.

In conclusion, the successful test flight of Vertiia is a major milestone for AMSL Aero and the eVTOL industry as a whole. With its long range and unique design, Vertiia has the potential to revolutionize urban transportation and provide a safer, more sustainable, and more efficient mode of travel for people in cities.


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