This Aussie Town Appears Dormant But The Secret Underneath It Will Amaze You


Much of Australia is still a barren desert with most of the human population concentrated around the coastlines. It is a harsh place with little presence of water and exotic creatures like Emus and Kangaroos that have adapted to the extreme temperatures through years of evolution. When you follow the route to the town of Coober Pedy that houses almost 1600 people, you finally arrive at a place more or less like the desert around it. Small dunes, scorching heat and absolutely no presence of human life. It seems unimaginable that people could be living here at the surface. It turns out that we are right!

Here is view from above of the small town


However, some chimneys are protruding from the ground that seem to give an indication of life. But, the whole town can’t live below surely?


But they can as the place has been a mining town for some time with precious stones like Opals.


Since it is in the middle of the desert with hundreds of miles between them and the next dwelling, its residents are permanent settler and stay here all day long.


Kind of like a permanent oil rig, they have all the necessary social setups like restaurants, markets and sports areas. Just look at this amazing bookstore. The underground feeling makes it much more wonderful in appearance.


There are also a few surface buildings like a church. They are great artisans and builders.

Coober Pady

Coober pady2

Coober Pedy is also an awesome place to enjoy the rare experience of underground camping if you are tired of the woods.

Coober pady

For us non-desert folk, Coober Pedy is one of the breathtaking places we have ever seen!


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