This Artist Seems To Defy The Laws Of Physics With His Balancing Skills

It seems that this unrivaled artist understood the laws of physics very well. This can be proved by his distinctive balancing skills, which made him a well-established player in this task. Wang Yakun, an electrician by profession, lives in eastern China’s Shandong province. His super cool videos demonstrating incredible balancing acts have accumulated views on the internet and gained a lot of appreciation online. He has this stupendous ability to balance objects over each other, which makes them look as if they were hanging in the air, with some invisible force being used as a foundation.

However, the task is not as easy as it seems. Yakun has to spend a lot of hours balancing objects, and sometimes he even fails miserably when the objects lose their balance and break down at the last moment. Hats off to his consistency that made him the master of this skill. He has a long-standing reputation for balancing the old sewing machines with beer bottles and using metal wrenches to support huge gas cylinders efficiently. These magnanimous skills are enough to regard him as a showstopper.

Yakun took hold of this challenging skill back in 2017 just as a hobby, but as soon as he started grasping the concept, he made his online presence after three years. He started off with a Tiktok account where he shared his achievements. He now has several million followers on his Tiktok account, where he gets a lot of praise for his skills through his engaging videos. Sometimes, he broke a lot of artworks and glasses before reaching his goals, but he then starts again and finally makes it possible. Due to his consistency and hard work, his followers admire him a lot, and this is probably one of the reasons for his fame.

Yakun said, “Balancing life is an art, sometimes serious and sometimes funny. Share the balance technique every day, let everyone experience the magic of the world in laughter!” However, you would be amazed to know that, apart from balancing objects, Yakun can easily balance the human beings sitting on the falling chairs, as depicted in the video embedded below. Hence, you can’t deny how smoothly he makes such balancing and mind-numbing attempts, smashing his own records every time he picks up the gauntlet!

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