This Artist Gives A New Perspective On Life Using His Mind Boggling Graphics

Human life

How is life measured? Is it by the things we have achieved in it and how we engraved our names to the stone or is it measured by the everyday happiness and compassion? This is a question that we have to leave for your inner philosopher to solve because every person’s priorities are different and so is the stuff that makes him happy. But, if you want to measure life in more abstract terms, here is a simple set of graphics that will help you realize things in an altogether different light:

A 90-year human life in years. Each square representing a year.

Graphics about life12

In months

Graphics about life11

In weeks

Graphics about life10

In days!

Graphics about life9

So, a lucky person who gets to be ninety in his life has this much to live. Of course, if you don’t get to live that much, these numbers will drastically reduce too. No country in the world has an average age of 90 at the moment with highest figure is from Monaco at 89.

The graphics designer who made these simple graphics is 34 and from now onwards, he will be showing the life he has lived already to the life left in his account.

He has already seen 34 winters. He will see less about 55 winters in the 90-year formula.

Graphics about life8

Or perhaps 60 superbowls if he is lucky enough!

Graphics about life7

He goes to the ocean once every year. That’s less than 60 visits he is looking at right now!

Graphics about life6

He currently reads about five books in a year. That roughly translates to about 300 books he is going to read in the future. He might not get to know what is written in the rest of the billion or so books out there!

Graphics about life5

He goes to his favorite Red Sox games every two or three years. Here is the graphic depiction of his stats. How much he has seen and how much games are left for him to see using the current formula.

Graphics about life4

Eight US presidents have passed during his lifetime. About 15 more he will see in his remaining life.

Graphics about life3

He isn’t a pizza lover for sure as he only got to eat one every month. But, even that translates to about 720 pizzas! He is more of a Chinese foodie and has it twice every month with six dumplings each time or 12 in the whole month. Here is how many dumplings he will have in the entire life!

Graphics about life2

Parents are a gift of life and if he is an extremely lucky guy, he will have them well into his 60s. Even if he does, he only gets to spend 10 days a year with them. In 30 years time, it will only amass to a mere 300 days that he will get to spend with them. That is sad indeed. But, until he was 18, he used to live with them every day of the week. If you have the stomach to grasp how many days he has spent already with his parents and how much he will be spending in his life put together, here is astonishing and sad graphic:

Graphics about life

So, in effect, he has used up more than 93 percent of the time spent with his parents in the event he gets to see them living well into his 60s. Now this is just sad…..

So, even if priorities in life are professional success and enjoyment, never forget that you have limited amount of time to be with people and make it all count. After all, life is a quick hot cup of coffee, you can moan and groan about it till its cold or enjoy it in its warmth with all the love you can muster…..

Think about it!


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