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This Artist Creates Life Like Models Out Of Cardboard – Amazing, Isn’t It?

Monami Ohno is an amazing artist who creates realistic 3D models of different objects. She studied 3D animation from the Osaka University of the Arts which is located in Kanan, Japan. She realized that cardboard, corrugated, is quite malleable and proves to be a much better alternative when compared with other modeling products being used that are expensive as well. So her models are created of cardboard – yes, cardboard. Check out the amazing models below and let us know what you think of them.

Check out this Fighter Plane

The texture is unreal and quite amazing!

The details on the tank are superb!

Bionic arm created from cardboard

Dioramas are also her hobby!

The details that have been incorporated are stunningly amazing!

Some More of the Models!

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