This Artist Creates Astonishing Abstract Sculptures From Old Oil Truck Parts

oil truck art6

Honestly, I never thought oil trucks could be used for art except the ones Indian drivers paint haphazardly on every inch they can find! But this artist Mike Ross (not the guy from suits) has created some astonishing pieces of work from these tankers that look insane.

oil truck art5

Named the Big Jig Rig, this arching art form looks like the type Step up: Revolution did all the time in their movie. It has a concrete base providing support, and it is only when you go in the middle of it that you appreciate the true enormity of the whole thing.

oil truck art7

The highest point of the sculpture is an astonishing four stories off the ground. The idea behind Ros’s bizarre design was that he wanted to show the world about the prevalent unsustainable cycle of oil that has had effects even in his own neighborhood. The roads are jammed all the time, and the area is now in shambles.

oil truck art3

As oil wars heat up between America, Russia, and the Middle East, the price will go down for the short-term good of the consumers. But, this will also discourage the continuing development of renewable energy projects. The surreal installation of the whole thing makes it appear unnatural and against the principles of longevity.

But who are we kidding? This is is simply the most awesome truck art ever! Especially the one dangling in mid-air is supercool. Here are more snaps of this famous project:

oil truck art oil truck art3


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