This Artist Converted An Old Lighthouse Into An Eye-Popping Work Of Art

Okuda San Miguel, a Spanish artist, has transformed an unremarkable lighthouse in the northern region of Spain, Cantabria, into a captivating work of art.

Drawing inspiration from the “natural riches of the region, depicting local fauna, and using textures to represent the cultural diversity of a modern and open Cantabria connected to the world,” Okuda San Miguel has turned the Faro de Ajo lighthouse into a vibrant multicolored masterpiece, featuring over 70 vivid shades.

Okuda initiated the project on the 16-meter-tall lighthouse in August and concluded it, named “Infinite Cantabria,” by September. This recently revamped lighthouse is poised to become a symbol of the cultural richness within a contemporary and inclusive Cantabria.

“It has been a unique experience due to the artistic challenge it has presented to me, particularly as I carried out this project in my homeland,” San Miguel remarked. A few years back, we highlighted another astounding creation by this talented Spanish artist—a century-old church transformed into a kaleidoscopic skatepark.

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