This Architect Has Proposed Lighter-Than-Air Buildings That Would Hover Over Streets – And Help Cool The Planet

An architect by the name of Andreas Tjeldflaat has proposed a building that will stay up in the air and hover, through proper logical reasoning behind it. Researchers and architects argue that innovation looks logical if there is already some existing reference as well as some facts and figures behind it. That is why this architect has given this proposal through proper background research. The buildings will have the same mechanism behind them that allowed zeppelins to float in the air.

The project is named “Oversky” and it would do more than just look cool. Research says that this project would also reduce heat in the surrounding area and generate a “cooling effect”. Since, everywhere in a street like market, the buildings are so congested which will then heat up everything. So, this new proposal also overcomes this problem. In an email, Framlab’s Andreas Tjeldflaat says, “The constructed ‘cloudscape’ functions as a new sort of public space.” He continues; “Suspended pathways link the clusters to neighboring building facades.” According to estimates, the worldwide need for cooling will necessitate a threefold rise in energy consumption by 2050.”

This architect wants to suspend buildings in midair. It's not as impos

There will be carbon fiber cells and inert Helium which have a tendency to make the molecules in a building maintain a rigid structure and keep hovering in the air like the inflammable airships. This is known as the “nanophotonic engineering” that this project encompasses. The use of Helium is deployed as an alternative for Hydrogen because Hydrogen is highly flammable and back in 1937, a disaster in Hindenburg happened due to its use. Tjeldflaat adds; “The modules’ panels may undoubtedly be used on their own as part of more traditional construction and infrastructure projects.” Thus, we should at least wait and give this project some time until it becomes a reality since it’s an extraordinary thing and no one can easily dare to do this. But if some authorities have taken charge of it, that means they have done thorough research and they will make it happen for sure! We can also say that this is the best idea for space utilization as it will not add up to the existing congested buildings and hence will curb pollution to some extent.

This architect wants to suspend buildings in midair. It's not as impos

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