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This Aquarium Toilet Is One Of The Most Popular Tourist Spots In Japan

Aquarium Toilet At Hipopo Papa Cafe In Japan Is A Delight!

Do you love exotic fish? How do you feel about a hundred of them looking at you while you sit and reply to nature’s call? If you are up for it, then the unique aquarium toilet in Akashi, Japan is meant for you. Hipopo Papa (previously known as Mumin Papa) Café is known as a popular dating spot on the Hayashizaki Matsue Coast.

However, it became a more popular spot after the owner decided to spice up the woman’s toilet by incorporating an aquarium toilet. The toilet in Hipopo Papa Café is surrounded on three sides by a huge aquarium that is filled with different exotic fish and a male turtle. The toilet is, however, women’s only!

The aquarium toilet at the Hipopo Papa Café was built about more than twelve years ago. But it is still among one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Akashi area. The owner spent a total of $270,000 to create this mesmerizing toilet by going through a trial and error method. His goal was to create a toilet that offered the pleasant sensation of relieving yourself as if you did while swimming in the ocean.

The staff of the Hipopo Papa Café does show the toilet off to male patrons given that the café is not too crowded. However, the aquarium toilet can only be used by women. The aquarium toilet serves its purpose by drawing customers to the Hipopo Papa Café. However, it does have its shortcomings. Some patrons end up spending way more time in the aquarium toilet because they are busy admiring the scenery. Others are reluctant to use the aquarium toilet because they get uncomfortable with so many marine creatures eyeballing them.

Despite all of its pros and cons; it sure is worth visiting. So, if you are in Akashi, Japan, make sure to visit the aquarium toilet in Hipopo Papa Café!

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