Man Builds A Huge Aquarium At Home That He Can Scuba Dive In


We have seen many fish and aquarium enthusiasts, but none like Eli Fruchter from Haifa, Israel. Eli has been an aquarium lover all his life, and has created one of the world’s largest fish aquarium in his house, big enough to let him swim in it with the fish!

Eli says that he has been an aquarium lover since he was five or six years old, and even though he lived in a tiny two meter by two-meter room, he still had a reserved space for a small aquarium. About a decade ago, he upgraded the design to a mammoth 1,000-gallon fish tank, but it broke in an accident and flooded his old home.

Photo: Eli’s Reef Aquarium/Facebook

That didn’t break his spirits though, and Eli decided “to build another aquarium, and the house around it.” The result was Fruchter’s living room holding an astounding 30,000-liter fish tank. Eli regularly dives into the water himself and loves feeding the fish with his hand. This life size aquarium hosts 150 tropical fish of 30 different species, along with a rainbow of corals adding to the beautiful ecosystem inside the container.

Photo: Eli’s Reef Aquarium/Facebook

The tank replicates the reef’s natural environment, allowing the fish to grow to a size even greater than in the natural habitat. The filtration system is more impressive than the size of the tank. It is located 6 meters directly under the tank behind double-doors.

Photo: Eli’s Reef Aquarium/Facebook

The system has four 25,000-liter/hour pumps which regulate the water quality in the tank. The pump filters the water using by passing it through a revolving paddle. The speed of the two return pumps is controlled by a self-built frequency-controlled system which also creates waves in the tank.

Photo: Eli’s Reef Aquarium/Facebook

Eli Fruchter also makes sure that the aquarium is close to the real thing by refreshing the water with 1,000 liters of seawater every week. He talked about his creation,

“The corals especially must have water that’s completely clean, and that’s very hard to get in a closed system. Most public aquariums are located near the ocean, and they just pump in clean water. It requires a lot of maintenance. A reef aquarium of this size you usually just find in places where they have a full-time staff.”

Photo: Eli’s Reef Aquarium/Facebook

Fruchter adds,

“There aren’t too many crazy people around the world who will do something like this,You really need to like it a lot. Yes, that’s one factor, but money is another important one.”

Eli was the CEO of a very successful business recently acquired for over $800 million, which gives an idea of where the funding for this massive system came. Eli admitted that the ecosystem will take at least a couple of more years to fully develop, but still having a fish tank with mesmerizing fish and option of scuba diving is certainly worth all the effort and the money.

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  1. Craig Reply

    Wow, that is seriously cool and would love to have one in my house but I bet it cost some serious money! plus you need plenty of space for that but never seen anything like that before.

    Great post and best wishes for 2017.

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