This App Lets You Read A 500 Page Novel In One Hour

spritz app

Have you ever wondered if you could increase the number of words that you can read per minute? If you have, then we have a solution for you that comes from Spritz, which is a start up based in Boston. Spritz is busy developing a technology that will enable users to read about 1000 words per minute. The idea is to enhance how people read and communicate.Spritz 2 Spritz will be coming with Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Gear 2 watch and will improve the reading experience of its users. It basically makes the words appear one after another rapidly and this makes the reader capable of reading between 250 and 1,000 words per minute. For comparison’s sake; a typical reader from college can read between 200-400 words a minute.Spritz The working principle of this app is that it lines the words up with eye’s natural motion of reading. The Optimal Recognition Point (ORP) is located to a little left from the center of the each word and is defined as that point where our brain is able to decode the jumble of letters. What sets Spritz apart is that it is capable of identifying the ORP for every word that it displays and that letter is colored red.


Spritz3 This results in your eyes not moving at all while the information processing becomes faster and enhanced. Why? Because less time is spent in deciphering words and that time is available to be spent at information processing. Quite an interesting approach to use new technology, don’t you think?

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