This Anglo-German Mine-Clearing Tank Can Easily Clear Minefields

At the prestigious Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) conference held in London earlier this month, a game-changing innovation took center stage. German defense company FFG unveiled their cutting-edge creation: the “Mine Clearing Tank” (MCT).

Built around the highly acclaimed WiSENT 1 armored platform, this revolutionary machine boasts specialized mine-clearing “plows” courtesy of British collaborator Pearson Engineering. Developed through decades of dedicated collaboration, the WiSENT 1 MCT stands as a testament to modern military ingenuity. It is meticulously engineered for the precise eradication of landmines, all while ensuring the safety of its crew in case an unforeseen mine escape the clearance process.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has been significantly shaped by the widespread presence of minefields, trenches, and artillery. Russian forces have fortified their defensive positions with extensive minefields and trenches, providing effective cover for targeting individuals and vehicles. Furthermore, the strategic use of artillery from behind these fortified lines presents a formidable challenge to Ukrainian forces, making it exceedingly difficult to mount offensives or defensive preparations—a strategy reminiscent of the trench warfare tactics of World War I.

In response to this challenging battlefield environment, the German Ministry of Defense has dispatched a wide array of equipment to Ukraine, including a comprehensive suite of tools expressly designed for minefield clearance.

The list of “Military Engineering Capabilities” comprises an impressive array of equipment. This includes the WiSENT 1 mine-clearing tanks, eleven mine plows designed to work seamlessly with Ukraine’s Soviet-pattern T-72 tanks, three remote-controlled mine-clearing robots, twelve Ahlmann backhoe loaders specially configured for mine clearing tasks, and all the essential materials required for explosive ordnance disposal.

The WiSENT 1 MCT stands as a heavyweight in the military vehicle category, boasting a substantial weight of 44.5 tons. This includes its robust armor, advanced crew protection features, and powerful engines necessary for deploying and operating its formidable mine-clearing plow. Notably, the width of the mine-clearing plow surpasses that of the vehicle itself and carries a substantial weight of 3.5 tons.

In the process of clearing mines, the MCT lifts these lethal devices out of the ground and directs them safely to both sides of the cleared lane via the mine clearing shield. Subsequently, specialized explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams neutralize these mines. In the unfortunate event of mine detonations, the damage is confined to the mine clearance equipment, ensuring the safety of the crew. Crew safety is further augmented through the use of anti-mine seats, meticulously designed to redirect blast energy away from occupants. These mine-clearing vehicles not only create secure pathways through minefields but also mark the lanes they have effectively cleared.

Richard Beatson, Business Development Director for Pearson Engineering, expressed immense pride in swiftly delivering essential equipment to Ukrainian forces, underscoring the enduring partnership with FFG, spanning over two decades. He emphasized the company’s proven capability to rapidly scale up design, delivery, and manufacturing processes, even in challenging circumstances, to effectively safeguard soldiers.

The introduction of the Mine Clearing Tank signifies a significant leap in military technology, offering heightened safety and efficiency in minefield clearance operations—a crucial component of modern conflict zones.

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