This Amazing New Smart Hat Could Become The Swiss Army Knife Of Safety Helmets

The SmartHat, developed by Indian startup Proxgy, is a revolutionary safety helmet designed to integrate multiple electronic functionalities for modern worksites. The helmet, recognized with a 2023 India’s Best Design Award and a 2024 CES Innovation Award, prioritizes user safety while incorporating cutting-edge technology.

Constructed with a hardened ABS shell, the SmartHat provides Type-1/Class-3-rated protection against falling objects. Additionally, it features a removable sensor that triggers an alarm in the presence of 14 flammable or three toxic gases, enhancing workplace safety. A proximity sensor alerts users to nearby overhead hazards through a haptic feedback system.

The helmet’s innovative capabilities extend to health monitoring, where remotely located managers receive wireless notifications regarding the wearer’s heart rate, body temperature, blood oxygen level, falls, or instances of not wearing the helmet when required. The IP67 water-resistant electronics can withstand water jets and short immersion, ensuring durability in diverse conditions.

The SmartHat facilitates seamless communication through two-way audio-visual calls using a built-in multi-channel walkie-talkie. Front and rear HD cameras enable workers to record videos or capture photos at any time, with the front camera featuring an infrared sensor for low-light conditions. Communication protocols include 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, LoRaWAN, and PTT, adapting to various settings.

Powered by a removable lithium-ion-phosphate battery, the helmet’s battery life remains undisclosed. In case of emergencies or general issues, wearers can activate the Emergency SOS switch, triggering wireless alerts and flashing lights for enhanced visibility.

Proxgy’s SmartHat stands as an innovative solution to streamline the electronic devices carried by workers on modern worksites, consolidating various functionalities into a single safety helmet. The integration of safety features, health monitoring, and communication tools positions the SmartHat as a comprehensive and efficient solution for industries prioritizing worker safety and connectivity. For those interested, Proxgy provides information and inquiries through their company website.

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