This Amazing Floating Exhibition Has Been Designed To Look Like A Fish Eye

Danish architecture firm Kvorning Design has developed this undeniably cool floating forum that was recently unveiled t in Norway’s Hardangerfjord. The project, named “Salmon Eye,” is actually designed on an expedition to mimic a fish’s eye. The name “Salmon Eye” has also been derived from this aspect and is truly an uncanny sight to behold. This futuristic and eye-catching project is based on the concept to raise awareness about “sustainable sea farming” and preserving the habitat of the sea, as reported by designboom.

It should be noted that the project made its sizzling debut on September 8, 2022, but the foundation was laid back in 2019. Due to some constraints, the project was delayed until July 2021, but the construction of this floating installation and exhibition space was completed in August 2022. The “Salmon Eye” project, like all other floating projects, is a reason for hope amid the destruction caused by climate change. This shows that engineers and architects are working through a broad and effective approach to protect us from the disastrous effects of climate change. There are a lot of examples of floating projects that are enough to give us an idea that if our cities get overwhelmed by the rise in water level, then these floating houses and cities will emerge as a ray of hope for us.

Talking about the specifications of the “Salmon Eye”, its walls are made from high-quality stainless-steel material and have been designed in a way that demonstrates the color of fish eyes. Moreover, the whole structure consists of four floors, including the one that is housed underwater. In addition to this, this floating building weighs about 1,256 tonnes and has a diameter of 25 meters. Not to mention, the interior of the whole building has been laid out on 650 sqm.

One of the most renowned floating projects is “OCEANIX Busan”, which was declared as the prototype for the world’s first sustainable floating city and has been revealed in April 2022. It has been designed on the concept of being “a flood-proof infrastructure that rises with the sea, supplying its own food, energy, and water.” Hence, from this, we can say that the idea of these floating cities is not new and is primarily focused on fighting the upcoming climate threats.

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