This Airline Is Adding Spacious Bunk Beds To Economy Class Cabins

Airlines are continuously trying innovative techniques to compete on the point of differentiation, either it’s a contribution towards the safety of passengers or giving them a luxurious flying experience. After safety, comfortability during flying carries huge importance, and Air New Zealand has come up with a similar offering. It has been reported that the airline intends to give its customers a unique flying experience by adding bunk beds for economy class passengers. Economy class passengers usually fly with minimal to no amenities as compared to Business or First Class, but now Air New Zealand has introduced this lucrative yet comfy facility for economy class passengers as well.

There will be a total of six bunk beds where the economy class passengers can take a nap or just simply relax when they are stuck on a long-haul flight. The airline will be offering this facility by 2024, and this sounds like a win-win situation for the customers of Air New Zealand to enjoy the luxurious experience in an economical way. It should be noted that each passenger can acquire these comfy pods on a flight for a period of four hours.

Air New Zealand is planning to install these six bed pods on its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner jets that can accommodate up to 300 passengers and can cruise at a speed of 30,000 feet. We have seen that economy class passengers on every other airline are the ones who are just travelling without any amenities like first or business class passengers due to the cheapest ticket, but Air New Zealand is now transforming this experience in an impressive way.

As far as the cost of this facility is concerned, the airline has not yet disclosed any details about it. But economy class passengers have to compromise on a few additional cents in exchange for the enhanced comfort on flight. CEO Greg Foran said, “We wanted to offer our economy customers a lie-flat option and that’s how Skynest was born. It’s going to be a real game changer for the economic travel experience. ” Apart from this, the Business Premier seats are also expected to receive an upgrade in their design and comfort. Moreover, the airline is planning to go wireless on its in-flight entertainment system, meaning that passengers would easily connect their phones to the in-flight entertainment system with the help of Bluetooth and enjoy the “meditative onscreen content” known as “Zentertainment.”

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