This AI-Wearable Company Is Hoping To Make Smartphones Obsolete In The Future

A groundbreaking TedTalk has recently unveiled the Humane, a revolutionary wearable device powered by artificial intelligence. Created by former Apple employees, this innovative piece of technology is generating significant buzz as a potential game-changer that could render smartphones, such as the iPhone, obsolete.

Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, both former Apple employees, developed Humane with the vision of a future that is more intelligent and personalized, as stated on the company’s website.

Humane aims to replace cellphone screens by introducing a voice-activated assistant that projects various features, including calls and texts, onto the user’s hands. This projection system tackles several challenges associated with modern technology, such as the constant need to check cellphones, the limitations of touchscreens, and accessibility issues.

“What do we do with all these incredible [AI] developments? And how do we harness these [to make our life better genuinely?]” Chaudhri asks at the TedTalk.

“If we get this right, AI will unlock a world of possibility. Today, I want to share what we think is a solution. And it’s the first time we’re doing so openly. It’s a new kind of wearable device and platform that’s built entirely from the ground up for artificial intelligence. And it’s completely standalone. You don’t need a smartphone or any other device to pair with it,” he expands.

By embracing Humane, users can seamlessly integrate technology into their lives by substituting traditional cellphones with wearable gadgets. This device not only simplifies communication but also unlocks new possibilities for language translation and personalized assistance.

It’s worth noting that Humane operates as a standalone device, eliminating the need for a smartphone or any other complementary service.

“It interacts with the world the way you interact with the world, hearing what you hear, seeing what you see, while being privacy first, and safe, and completely fading into the background of your life,” Chaudhri explains.

Designer Michael Mofina, in an interview with Inverse, explained, “When it comes to receiving a call, as soon as [Chaudhri] raised his hand, the device instantly displayed the appropriate incoming call interface, without the need to navigate through menus.”

Regardless of personal opinions on Humane, this technology has the potential to fundamentally transform our interactions with technology, provided it functions as intended and offers the same reliability and convenience that smartphones have achieved today.

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