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This AI-Powered App Can Detect Car Issues By Just Listening To Your Engine

Skoda sound analyzer application can detect issues using Artificial Intelligence.

The car owners usually find themselves bugged with strange noises, not knowing where they are coming from. And eventually, the issues that cause these noises, if not traced or rectified timely, can cause a much bigger inconvenience.

In rare cases, people even end up seizing their car engines and spend more and more on an overhaul or a replacement. Tracing these uncommon issues is a difficult feat, and finding a good mechanic is another.

Skoda has introduced a sound analyzer application based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) to rescue from such problems specific to their built cars.

The application has the data containing sounds of smoothly running Skoda engines, and it compares those with the noisy ones and determines the exact flaw. This likely could be a key selling point for newer models of Skoda built cars, less maintenance! Who doesn’t want that?

The sound analyzer software is a blessing for Skoda mechanics. The application is in use at large, and some stats mention that approximately 245 Skoda dealers in 14 countries are already benefitting from it, including Germany, France, Russia, and Austria. Its real-life use is a significant part of the pilot project.

In the first step, the application listens and analyzes the faulty engine’s sound, and secondly, runs a saved AI algorithm of smoothly running engine of a similar Skoda. It runs a comparison of both, which traces the exact issue causing the noise, without the hassle of spending time on the diagnosis. The application then suggests possible solutions to such problems. Fixing engines was never this easy!

Such accurate and efficient car maintenance and diagnosis will likely decrease major issues in Skoda’s and, as a result, will increase client satisfaction at large.

Skoda’s head of after-sales services, Stanislav Pekar, said that the ‘Sound Analyzer’ is a true example of the new opportunities digitalization at Skoda. It is a tool that will ensure optimum levels of after-sales services for Skoda users. He also told about Skoda’s future way forward involving the use of more artificial intelligence.

As per Skoda, the application can analyze ten patterns with an accuracy of up to ninety percent. These patterns include the steering system, the gear shifting box, clutches, and the air conditioning compressor. However, the application is designed so that more and more patterns could be incorporated in it with ease.