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Concept One Will Be The World’s First Electric Super Car


We all know how electric cars are taking over but for most of us, an electric car is still generations away when it comes to the traditional car and its performance on roads. The traditional sports cars are in a whole different league when you compare them to the existing electric cars. However, it is about time that this changed and so what you all need to be aware of is the new Concept One.

We have been listening to rumors regarding this car since 2011 but a recent inflow of $11 million cash in this project will ensure that this beauty will be out soon enough. This latest installment to the project will be used in carrying out tests and manufacturing a limited number of Concept One models. As of now, while you read this post, six Concept One models are being manufactured for those who enjoy the top position of company’s waiting list. These folks will have to cough up $1 million each to gain the right to own this car.

Whoa, wait for a minute, that much for an electric car? Not just any electric car, but the Concept One. What makes it so expensive; a combination of four electric motors which work in harmony to provide you with a 1,088 hp and a 1,180 ft-lb torque. It is able to go to 60Mph from zero in 2.8 seconds and has a top speed of 190 Mph with a range of 373 miles.

According to the company, only 88 models will be manufactured and if you want one you better apply for that waiting list without further ado. Check out the youtube video below for more:

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