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Cool Down Your Car In Seconds Using This Japanese Summer Hack

Car cool down

Now that the sun is beating down relentlessly, it will not be long before you will face the ultimate summer dilemma; how to protect yourself from getting a severe sunburn.

If you left your car parked, without a shade to protect it from the unrelenting sun, the interior would soon be a blazing inferno!


Image Source: Lifehacker


A Japanese YouTuber has shared a cool summer hack to help you step into your car and be on your way in no time!

All you need to do is to open the driver’s window. Walk around the car and open the door on the passenger’s side. Open it all the way and then close it; repeat the same around six times.

Watch the video detailing the hack:



The underlying process is that the cold air rushes inside from the passenger side pushed forward by the door. The interior of the car will cool down considerably, helping you on your way sooner.