This AI Has Learned How To Play An Atari Game 6000 Times Faster Than Before – Beating Itself

Traditionally, AI agents have learned how to play games through trial and error, which can take weeks or even months. However, a new technique has been developed that allows AI to learn from the game’s original instruction manual.

In a recent study, researchers taught an AI agent how to play several classic video games, including Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Montezuma’s Revenge, using a machine learning algorithm called reinforcement learning.

The AI agent was given access to the instruction manual for each game, allowing it to learn the rules and objectives quickly. For example, this approach allowed the AI to master Atari’s Skiing in just a few hours, compared to the traditional method, which can take weeks or even months. In some cases, the AI achieved higher scores than human players.

The implications of this new technique are significant for AI and machine learning. For example, it could provide a more efficient way to train AI agents for video games and have applications in other areas, such as robotics and autonomous vehicles, which have traditionally relied on trial-and-error learning methods.

One potential application is in the development of autonomous cars. For example, a self-driving car could learn from a detailed instruction manual to navigate a specific city, allowing it to quickly learn the rules of the road and the best routes to take. This would enable the car to adapt quickly and effectively to new environments.

The new technique could revolutionize how we teach machines to learn and interact with their environment, a major issue with machine learning models as they are taken out of their control environments and forced to interact with the real world and its variables. In short, what takes years to teach a model or AI program could easily become a fraction of the time.

The lead researcher, Matthew Hausknecht, said, “The ability to learn from text and use that knowledge to perform difficult, previously unseen tasks is a key capability that could unlock advancements in AI across a broad range of fields.”

The new technique of teaching AI agents to learn from instruction manuals can potentially be a game-changer in AI and machine learning.

The possibilities are endless, and we can expect more breakthroughs in the future.

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