This AI Has Generated Unique Tarot Cards – And Some Of Them Are Terrifying

The Swedish musician and AI enthusiast, known as Supercomposite has used an AI to create hundreds of creepy new tarot cards. He has been posting them on Twitter for days, in a delightful barrage of occult-flavored machine learning.

The artist has used an AI called Looking Glass, which came out last year and was made by Twitter user ai.curio. Some cards have humanoid characters with holes for faces, some have monstrous-looking creatures in bloody shades of red, and some are creepy because they appear uncannily like tarot cards at first glance.

Supercomposite has been naming the cards and curating the best results in a long Twitter thread that started earlier this month. It seems the artist is simply trying to decipher what might appear in each of the cards, although the haunting images aren’t perfect recreations of any one object and could be interpreted in many ways.

“I generated 500 of these and I’m not stopping,” Supercomposite said. “I’ll post the best in this thread as I curate them over time.”

Twitter fans seemed excited about the new cards, weighing in on their potential spiritual applications.

“Honestly using AI for divinatory purposes makes perfect sense to me,” one user commented.

Because tarot cards are an ever-evolving art, practitioners today often rely on new decks like the Modern Witch Tarot and Tattoo Tarot to seek and add meaning to their lives. Unique decks allow tarot readers to connect with art and spiritual messages that feel more personal, and therefore, more useful.

The same AI has also been used to create tons of other interesting art pieces, including this nonexistent and extremely eldritch horror-looking Animal Crossing villager.

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