This Adventure Van Comes With Treaded Tires That Can Easily Go On Snowy Slopes

The newly developed TGE adventure van by MAN comes with treads in place of tires and promises to go to places beyond where any other van has gone.

The vehicle is shown in action ripping up Austria’s alpine snow.

The fun fact about the TGE van is that it could be switched between tires and treads, which brings along higher practicality and increases the utility of the vehicle at large.

4×4’s on wheels can get stuck in mud and snow, which is a hassle to get it out from. The new by MAN, however, packs the capability of gliding over snow, mud, and sand, bringing along fun and greater convenience.

Other brands have had their share of fun and made equipment that slides under the wheels for some adventure, and those could be incorporated to be used with various vehicles.

Adventure van fever in Austria spread as fast as the pandemic itself. And man capitalized on the idea just on time and developed the 4×4 combi that is good to seat 8 passengers.

TGE would venture on all soft grounds, be it mud, snow, or whatever sucking ground stands between the final destination, it would make a smooth sail using 4×4 combi in place of wheels.

Its suspension lift is designed so that the vehicle body stays safe from the rocks or other elevations under the soft appearing snowy route, ensuring a ride where the driver doesn’t have to worry about the grip of the vehicle with the surface below. However, the smooth drive to a view comes at a cost of adding 300 kg of the additional weight of the treads compared to when TGE rolls on its tires.

The braking doesn’t get changed when the vehicle is running on treads, however, the way the vehicle gets driven is changed, the adventure vehicle could go up to the speeds of 50 km/h, and the eight-speed transmission is suggested to be driven between first and the third gear while on snowy adventures.

The TGE MAN could be set for a different mood, when it is needed to go on public roads, it would just ask for an hour of conversion that is done with ease without requiring any special tools.

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