This Abandoned Town In Turkey Consists Of Hundreds Of Fairytale Castles

Turkey has acquired plenty of international attention quite recently. It has various mesmerizing landscapes and points of attraction that leave you amazed at how diverse and beautiful nature can be. There is almost a 100 percent probability that you have heard of Istanbul, Cappadocia, Price’s Islands, and many more such attractions. However, there is a name that does not go around much and only intrigues the tourists who are interested in exploring eerie, ghost towns. This place is called the Burj al Babas.

It is located near the town of Mudurnu which lies in Bolu, Turkey. It is supposed to be an extensive commercial property region where people have their villas or mansions that they only used for their vacation. The most interesting thing about them is the fact that they all are built the same way which is the way in which Disney castles are built. They are all similar in structure and are approximately more than 700 in number and they are all abandoned and half-finished now.

The target market for these extravagant concrete structures was the affluent, especially, the wealthy of the Middle East. The initiators of this project were the Yerdelen brothers who made the top management of their real estate construction company named, Sarot Property Group. They, according to them, had made a wise and far-fetched decision of constructing this housing development and selling it to the vacationers who headed to Turkey every year, sometimes twice for the sake of recreation. The events, however, did not turn out to be as pleasant as they expected.

There was an appalling surge in oil prices which affected the purchasing power of their main target audience. Afterward, the Turkish economy went through a devastatingly downward spiral that has still crippled the economy in many ways. All these events led to less vacationing and less possibility of Arabs buying these chateaus. The brothers had managed to sell more than half of the property, but they were still in debt. To clear the debt, they need to sell around 100 more of the villas and the company has filed for bankruptcy already.

They are still hopeful of the revival of their unique idea. The construction and the execution of the project was an ordeal and now selling it is one as well. With time and better economically favorable circumstances, they will start getting sold too.

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