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This 99$ Robot Musio Can Play Games, Tell Jokes, Answer Mails And Give Warm Hugs

Move over Olaf, you didn’t give warm hugs to us real people. Enter Le Musio! It is an amazing personal robot that has been developed by a team of expert engineers, machine learning specialists, data scientists and natural language processing linguists. The most important feature of the robot is to understand and comprehend human speech at a much higher level than previously possible in other commercial robotic companions.

It has been designed with competitive AI technology that allows it to learn and grow with you. The more information we feed to Musio, the smarter it gets. It appeals to all age groups as it appears to be the perfect man-child in behavior. It appears quite mature at times, but then it does these weird acts that make it appear like it is craving attention. It can tell jokes and shut up if you want it to be quiet, but then, it starts acting all cute and asking for food. The food is nothing but virtual mimicry, and he feels satisfied after gulping it down. Then he can help you control your lighting and other systems with the help of voice commands and give notifications when you receive an email. It can supposedly read out your emails to you too.

Best of all, it can give you warm hugs whenever you need them! It can be your annoying little companion who always keep ups with you. Lots of people have complained about the harmful use of AI like armed drones, etc. This team wanted to show the world that AI can be used for a lot of good too. The company behind the cute little machine AKA has made several models starting at just 99$. There is also an advanced version of Musio for 599 $ that is meant to be used by developers.

Check out the latest video from AKA over here: