Moley Robotic Kitchen Can Cook Dishes On Its Own And Clean Up Afterwards

The novel system consists of two robotic arms that function the same as humans.

The Moley robotics novel system has made the dream of ‘getting our tasks done miraculously’ possible. It would be possible to get ourselves delicious meals cooked at convenience, and doing the dishes afterward isn’t a problem that remains either.

Moley Robotics is a British firm and has developed the world’s first independent kitchen robot. The dextrous robot is a kitchen luxury and can easily cook fresh meals at the ease of a single button touch. While preparing meals, the robotic hands perform surprisingly similar to humans.

A press release for the new product states that the robot kitchen system can grab the ingredients, adjust stove temperatures, use the sink to fill pans, and set plates just as a human help would. This makes it that the new invention could do all the work in the kitchen of what we could think of, all on its own.

The kitchen robot, as described above, seems to be too much to be true. However, to cater to that concern, Moley Robotics has made a video of their robot doing all the kitchen chores with ease and perfection. Creating such a smart robot was not an easy task, states the description.

Capturing Human Skills

Moley Robotics claims that their kitchen robot not only cooks like a machine, but it is also a perfect blend of human skills and robotics. It took a combined effort of 100 engineers, some luxury designers, and three award-winning chefs who also participated in its production processes to finalize the robotic kitchen.

Multiple sensors and optical cameras are installed in the robot for it to perform all its tasks. An advanced optical system lets it scan dropped food and also helps it in cleaning up the dishes. The novel robot can make delicious food for you, and the recipe count that this robot has learned by now goes up to 30. However, more updates make it learn how to make new dishes to keep on increasing that count.

To learn more about this luxurious kitchen help, you can visit the Moley Robotics website, and the video below will give you much insight into how advanced this kitchen robot is.

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