This 6 Year Old Kid Earns $11 Million A Year Playing With Toys On Youtube

YouTube Millionaire

When we think of child celebrities, the first thing that comes to our mind is a child actor who works in movies like ‘Home Alone’ or ‘The Karate Kid’. However, there are kids who are stars and not working in movies. These days YouTube stars are on the rise and among them is a 6-years-old kid, Ryan who gives insightful thoughts about toys on his channel and has earned millions from YouTube.

Kids these days are quite addicted to YouTube for watching cartoons and toys videos. Kids at our own houses usually are stuck on their smartphones or tablets watching videos of several types. Ryan was making his YouTube appearance since he was 3 years old. Videos were mostly captured by his parents. The YouTube channel “Ryan ToysReview” has made over 10 million subscribers and has earned around $11 million revenue in a year’s time from June 1, 2016.

Ryan has also been listed in Forbes list of highest paid YouTube entrepreneurs. He was ranked 8th on the list. World’s highest paid YouTuber earned around $127 million this year. Ryan’s video about a Lego Duplo train went viral and has received over 4 billion views on YouTube.

Children everywhere around the world seem to be in a close relationship with Ryan. They don’t take him as a stranger on YouTube rather he is looked upon as a friend. Most videos by Ryan are based on reviews of different toys. He is sometimes accompanied by his parents or friends in a video. He has also made some videos by partnering with popular comedy channel Smosh, which is created by Anthony Padilla. If you want your kid(s) to be addicted to his mesmerizing talent, let them watch his videos.


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