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This 52 Year Old Japanese Man Has Been Living On A Pole For 73 Days

Tired of the world around you and need a long break? Or bored from the same bricked home nesting you for years? This 52-year-old-man is an inspiration for all those freaks who want to get their name added in the Guinness World Records.

Vernon Kruger, from Dullstroom, South Africa, is giving us new old-age goals. He has been living in a barrel above a 25-meter pole and hasn’t stepped down for almost 73 days. Well, the challenge is not a new one for the man, as he accepted a similar dare about 22 years ago. While enjoying his vacations, he was challenged by one of his friends to mark a record by living on a tree for a couple of days. Who knew Vermon took to take this too seriously, and his brain started processing the idea. Thorough research on the matter made him aware of an Indonesian man who lived on a tree for 28 days, popping up his dream bubble to try the insane adventure. But, he didn’t let the plan go. Instead, he with his friends planned to replace the tree with a pole. And there he goes! Spending 64 days on a pole back in 1997.

Till now, no one compromised their comfort of home, to break his record, so the man challenged his own self! “Well, I don’t know why anymore, I’m starting to question myself. The previous time I did it was a dare and that was 22 years ago, nobody has managed to beat my record. A similar attempt was made by David Blane, the magician, and they all failed, so I was approached to see whether I’d raise the bar a bit.”

Fueling up his motivation, he started an unusual experience. Apart from the amusement it reflects, the real-life participation in such an act needs a lot of struggle. As most of the time, a person has to rely on others for basic necessities. Moreover, free-bird human nature is all blocked up. But the man has high spirits and doesn’t intend to step on Earth before 78 days at a minimum.

“It does get a bit frustrating up here especially because I can’t do many things for myself, I need to rely on other people for absolutely everything,” the 52-year-old said. “Sleeping in this barrel is not very easy, it’s a very small place to curl up in and I have to lie in a foetal position.”

No doubt, Vermon has got a really crazy head and no one can bring the spirit down!

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