This $2000 Toaster Oven Claims To Bake A Pizza In Just 10 Minutes

Brava has launched a smart toaster oven at the Consumer Electronics Show that cooks an entire pizza in just 10 minutes.

The item is called Brava Glass and the new model can be powered by an iPhone. It gives 10 different cook settings and now has an all-glass front.

It has internal sensors to ‘ensure perfect and consistent cooking’ and a camera to see your food bake, fry, roast toast and reheat.

The oven reaches 500 degrees Fahrenheit in a second. This reduces energy costs and escalates the cooking speed. 

John Pleasants, co-founder and CEO of Brava, said: ‘Since introducing Brava to the world in 2018, we’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response as Brava continues to make a lasting impact on daily cooking habits and kitchens across America.”

‘With the addition of Brava Glass to our product lineup, we hope to bring an even more immersive cooking experience to families that mimics the shared nostalgia of cooking around a grill, stovetop, or campfire.’

The company claims that this device can cook an entire meal with less energy than it takes to preheat a traditional oven.

This feature is adopted through multi-zone capabilities. 

The settings available are: Air-Fry, Roast, Bake, Sear, Toast, Reheat, Rice Cook, Slow Cook, Dehydrate and Keep Warm.

Thomas Cheng, co-founder, and CTO of Brava, said: ‘When we created Brava, while we went through several prototypes before landing on a final design that captured the look and function we dreamed of, we always envisioned a glass window.

‘With Brava Glass, our inspiration has come full circle as we continue to prioritize user experiences, giving cooks at every level more control and the opportunity to witness our innovative technology in action.’

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