This 1983 Fiat Uno Crashing Into A BMW Shows How Far We Have Advanced In Automobile Safety


A Swiss team of car safety experts conducted an experiment where they rear rammed a BMW with a Fiat Uno at 55 mph. The purpose of this experiment was to visualize how car safety has improved in the last three decades.

Another purpose for selecting the BMW 525d for the crash test was to check the safety protocols as it is the model being used by Police Officers at large.

BMW was equipped with three human dummies and some gear at the time of the 90 km/h crash test to observe if there would be any damage to them as well.

History Of The Fiat Uno

Decades ago, cars were not known for their extra safety features. The same was with Fiat as it was an exceptional budget car famous for its fun drive and low price. It was much used by teens and even the older adults who wanted to take them to the rural areas. The car won the European Car of the year award, making Peugeot’s 205 go down to the second place.

Car Safety has made loops of advances in the last two decades, it’s clearly demonstrated that Fiat Uno’s gear and the engine went crashing back to drivers and front-seat passenger seat area.

On the other hand, BMW sustained the shock, most of the impact was absorbed by the rear bumper of the car not even letting the rear glass to break. Three dummies and the gear in BMW were safe after the crash.


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