This 18-Year-Old Boy Built A Prosthetic Arm For Himself Using LEGO

lego arm

David Aguilar loved playing with Lego pieces like any other young kid. Slowly he started creating gadgets and models using Lego bricks. However, Aguilar’s situation was different from other kids since he was born with a deformed arm. In an interview, Aguilar said, “Growing up it was quite annoying because I received a lot of comments like, ‘Oh you don’t have a hand’ or something like that.”

Instead of getting a regular prosthetic arm, he decided to use Legos and his skills to build his prosthetic arm. He is a student at Andorra and goes by the name of ‘Hand Solo’. However, he doesn’t let his deformed arm stop him from doing and exploring all the things that he loves to do. Aguilar said, “I built my first prosthetic arm when I was 9 years old, and I build it around my hand. It started being a boat”.

The first prototype of the prosthetic arm was unable to withstand the pressure that was put on it and it wouldn’t be possible for another nine years to build a proper Lego arm if the proper tools were unavailable. Thanks to the Lego Technic line, Aguilar’s prosthetic can now handle a lot of pressure and wear and tear. Aguilar can use this lego arm to do push-ups as well. He was able to build his first MK1 model within five days. In his second model, he used a bicep battery and the ability to retract the arm backup easily. Check out the video below to see his prosthetic arm in action:

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