This $17,500,000 Luxury Nuclear Bunker Will Help You Survive A Nuclear War In Style

Ever since the horrific nuclear bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world has been extremely careful and cautious in handling and proliferation of the nuclear arms. That was the case until a person named Donald Trump came into power and turned the whole world upside-down! Now the USA is at arms with Vladimir Putin on one hand, and the whispers of nuclear attacks echoing from the North Korea on the other. With North Korea’s warning that “nuclear war could break out at any moment” it seems like a timer is there ticking quite fast. It is about to inform the happening of a nuclear escalation and a nearly apocalyptic situation.

So what do you do to prepare for the imminent doom? Why not buy this $17.5 million luxury nuclear bunker that will keep you safe and comfy while the world turns to rubble and dust! This grand underground bunker is located in Tift County, Georgia, and is placed nearly 45 feet below ground secured with 30 feet thick concrete walls making it strong enough to survive a 20-kiloton blast.

This luxury bunker was originally built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers back in the days of the Cold War in 1969. The bunker is located on a plot of land 30 acres and has decontamination systems with substantial air and water supply that will ensure you don’t suffocate underground.

Credits: viralthread

The bunker is more of a five-star motel, with 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, and was revamped in 2012 to help you spend those “Fallout” days in style and comfort. The 14,000 square feet structure holds a modern kitchen with granite counter-tops along with two conference rooms, a business center, a nurse’s office, and two DSL broadband lines. It also provides a private theater with a capacity of 15 people and a firearm range to keep you preoccupied.

Credits: viralthread

Chris Salamone, co-owner of Bastion Holdings, a training company for government and security personnel, said:

“We are living in an increasingly dangerous world.

“This property offers the ultimate safe haven for any family, business or government that wants the ultimate in security and comfort.

“Renovations include amenities that rival any 5-star hotel, except located 45 feet underground, impenetrable and undetectable.”


If there’s any sadistic misanthrope who will be looking forward to the World War III, it surely would be the owner of this sweet bunker!

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