This 17-Year-Old Created A Fake COVID Test Centre – And Received $6 Million In Government Payouts

A 17-year-old German boy was recently convicted of fraudulently collecting 5.7 million euros ($6 million) in state payouts for COVID tests by setting up a fake COVID testing facility.

On paper, a young German set up a COVID testing centre and then charged thousands of tests per day to earn substantial government payments.

The German Kassenärtzlichen Vereinigung (KV) had got the details from the 17-year-old Freiburg criminal mind. During March and June of 2021, the criminal-minded teenager billed up to 5,000 tests each day.

In less than four months, the young criminal invoiced approximately 500,000 COVID tests. Also, considering the unreal daily testing rate, the KV rarely inquired. Somewhat more, he was promptly paid 5.7 million euros into his bank account.

However, the teenage con artist’s game couldn’t last just as long until a curious bank employee noticed that the young boy’s account had grown to around $6 million in a matter of months. They called the cops, and a thorough investigation revealed that his money had been acquired illegally, so it was taken right away.

The young criminal has already reached the age of 19. He was recently convicted of the offence. As he was just 18 years old at the time of the fraud and thus a minor, his fortune was simply confiscated, together with a fine of 1,500 euros ($1,600), and given to a “public utility institution.”

He will also be on probation for a year, following which his case may be reconsidered and new sanctions imposed.

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