This 16 Cylinder Gas-Powered Stirling Engine Is Any Engineer’s Dream Gift

16 cylinder Stirling engine

This is a tiny, desktop 16-cylinder gas-powered Stirling engine which operates by the cyclic compression and expansion of air. It works at varying temperature levels so that there is a net conversion of heat energy into mechanical work. The engine works in a way which is similar to a steam engine; all the engine’s heat flows in and out through the engine wall. The engine requires 95% pure alcohol which is filled inside its lamp to operate.

When the engine operates, it can spin its propellers at approximately 2000 RPM. The desktop engine can be used as an educational model for children or people who are developing an interest in engineering or engine principles. The mechanics of the engine can be easily seen and explained. There is a site which has a range of model engines available to purchase for demonstration and display. The model engines are ranging from Low-temperature difference Stirling engines to full aluminium alloy four-cylinders engines. Here is the video of the amazing 16-cylinder gas-powered Stirling engine:

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