This 13-Year-Old Has Become The First Person To Break Tetris After 34 Years

For more than three decades, the iconic NES Tetris game concluded predictably for players around the world: a block reaching the top spelled out a “game over” message. However, on December 21, 2023, the unbroken 34-year streak was shattered by the extraordinary skills of a 13-year-old prodigy known as BlueScuti. In a mesmerizing 40-minute performance, BlueScuti reached an unprecedented 1,511 lines, crashing the game and achieving the elusive “kill screen.”

What sets BlueScuti’s accomplishment apart is that, until a few years ago, the Tetris community believed it was virtually impossible for a human to surpass 290 lines. The journey to this groundbreaking moment unveils the surprising resilience of the competitive Tetris scene and the rapid collective improvement within the community.

Reaching Level 29 in NES Tetris unlocks the game’s maximum speed, making lateral piece movement challenging. Until 2018, hypertapping was the key technique enabling players to surpass Level 29’s difficulties. However, the game’s evolution continued with the introduction of the rolling technique in 2021, allowing players to navigate Level 29-speed boards stacked up to eight rows high.

As players pushed the boundaries, they discovered unexpected glitches in the game. At Level 138, a byte-overflow error caused unintended memory readings, leading to visual distortions. By Level 146, pieces became nearly invisible due to color palette issues. The ultimate challenge lay ahead at Level 155, where the game’s score-counting algorithm posed a risk of crashing.

The race to break through this final barrier intensified in 2023, with BlueScuti and other Tetris enthusiasts aiming for a human “kill screen.” BlueScuti’s journey culminated on December 21, as he reached Level 157, surpassing the anticipated crash point and securing the first confirmed “kill screen.”

Competitive NES Tetris now joins the ranks of games like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, where programming limitations determine how far extended play can function. BlueScuti’s record-breaking achievement not only marks the culmination of decades of Tetris evolution but also opens the possibility for players or AI to tactically navigate past every potential crash opportunity and play beyond Level 255—a true testament to the enduring appeal and challenges of the classic game.

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