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This 1 Million Dollar Monster Truck Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

1 million monster truck4

What would normal people do if they had 1 million dollars? Some would invest it in business, others would go on a super expensive holiday trip or buy a luxury yacht or maybe even a Lamborghini Aventador. But not all people can go this mainstream, some might want to buy the biggest most badass truck in town, and that is where Big Toyz Racing’s Sin City Hustler Monster truck comes in.

Once upon a time, the truck was a simple Ford Excursion going about its daily boring business. But soon, it was bought by these mad men, and they started to tear it apart for this unorthodox experiment. It was stretched, worked and then retrofitted into a monster truck body that was custom built. A pair of gigantic tires from no man’s land were installed, and we now have the outlook of a beast. The tires are a massive 66 inches long and 44 inches in width. So they are as tall as your average person and four times as wide. It now looks more like construction equipment from Caterpillar than any Excursion that might have existed a millennium ago.


The vehicle is not short of usability and flair of its own class as it has a hydraulically operated system that can automatically open the rear door and let in a ladder for access. The Cabin has been extended to carry twelve persons comfortably. The floor was first removed and then a new one was installed. As a result, you can easily stand up straight in it and even walk around. The floor is made from an Aluminum diamond plate that runs the entire length.

Do check out the close view of the suspension from underneath. We also get to understand more about the vehicle’s innate capability to deal with the roughest of terrains.


Would you want it if you had that kind of money? How about on rent? Please let us know in the comments!

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