Thieves Try To Steal Valuable Classic Car – Get Thwarted By Stick Shift

Recently, a group of criminals in Australia attempted to steal a rare Brabham BT21 formula car but failed miserably due to their lack of preparation and knowledge.

With only about 100 of these cars ever built in the late 1960s, stealing one was bound to make headlines and draw unwanted attention. In addition, the car’s uniqueness would make it difficult to sell or use without being caught.

What’s more surprising is that the thieves had no idea how to operate the car, which was evident when they attempted to start the engine. As it turned out, they didn’t even know how to drive a stick, essential for operating a formula car like the BT21. After failing to start the car and causing damage to the clutch, the criminals abandoned it just a few blocks from the crime scene.

The poor planning and lack of knowledge of the car’s mechanics and value made this theft a complete failure. Fortunately, the car was recovered and returned home, although it will need a new clutch before it can hit the track again.

This incident serves as a reminder that, when it comes to stealing a car, it’s essential to do proper research and preparation beforehand. Without the necessary knowledge and skills, attempting to steal and operate a unique and valuable vehicle like the Brabham BT21 will likely end in failure and capture.

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