Thieves Steal $27000 Worth Of Apple Products In Seconds From An Apple Store

apple store thieves

An Apple store in the Fashion Fair mall in Fresno faced a damage of $27000 when a bunch of people stole Apple products within seconds. The surveillance video in the store showed a bunch of thieves walking smoothly in the store and taking away 26 devices with them, worth $27000 in total. The group took only a few seconds to pick the devices and then ran out of the store.

The CCTV footage shows a group of men wearing hoodies, picking up laptops and phones from the display while the staff and customers were watching. When they tried to escape with the products, a man tried to stop them but they pushed him aside and moved out of the store.

The thieves did not take out any weapon while carrying out the grand theft, however, no staff member tried to stop them since they feared the thieves might take out a weapon and attack them. The Fresno Police department told that similar thefts have taken place in some other cities as well & they are now trying to connect the events.

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