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These Were The Most Searched Things In 2016 According To Google

Google trends

Pic Credits: gurupk

Google has recently released their annual report of “year in search results,” which is a rundown on the most frequently Googled terms in a calendar year.

And at the first place stood, you guessed it right, Niantic’s augmented reality game called Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go totally held the entire internet hostage for months, and while the outrageous boom has now settled into a smoother and steadier trend, it was still sufficient to win this place.

Pic Credits: Pokemon go

Not too far away is Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 7which first made it’s internet breakthrough due to the missing head jack. In the third place, stands tall and proud, Donald Trump, who is currently both the most hated and the most loved person on the web at the same time.

Pic Credits: Facebook

The pop music icon,  Prince Rogers Nelson, commonly known as the Prince, comes at the fourth place, who died of an overdose of Fentanyl. At the 5th spot, comes the notorious United States’ Powerball lottery, while the sixth position belongs to the late David Bowie who succumbed to liver cancer in January 2016.

Pic Credits: pitchfork

Our favorite superhero Deadpool comes in the seventh place, while the Rio Olympics takes up the 8th spot.To finish the top ten list, online Snake- browser game was the ninth most searched term, while the so-so Suicide Squad sits at the tenth position.

Pic Credits: pitchfork

You can also view your own country’s and locality’s Google Trends. For this, click on the arrows beside the Global option, and select your region.

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