These Were The 11 Times When Hyper-Realistic TV Broadcasts Were Created Using Augmented Reality

augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) in broadcasting is making a slow but steady rise. The media networks around the world are exploring the capabilities and strengths of the new technology. The technology is ideal to bring the imaginary to the real life world. Virtual Reality (VR) shows the user its fabricated environment while augmented reality (AR) shows how to merge with the reality. The technology is ideal for broadcasters who wish to bring the outside world into their studios and then to their screens. There were 11 times when these broadcasters created truly impressive hyper-realistic scenarios which can only be experienced through AR.

augmented reality

Tour de France Table

AR with real-time data visualization, touch screens, and live virtual set graphics were combined to give an interactive look to the Tour de France. The outcome was a table which allowed the commentators to change the bikers and see the different results of the race outcomes.

Daytona 500 on Set

The Weather Channel gave an impressive presentation of a Daytona 500 race car which was driving straight through the host of the show. The simulation also produced realistic engine smoke.

In the Middle of A Storm

The news channel mixed reality video with AR to show what a storm surge would look like for the Caroline coast. The video was released when the Hurricane Florence was approaching, and it sent chills down the viewer’s spine.

The UFC Fight

AR has brought another level of realism to the sports, and now UFC fighting can also be seen through augmented reality.

The Canadian Election

AR illustration of each party’s seats was shown on the studio floor through AR.

The Driving Warning

The Weather Channel illustrated why it is dangerous to drive in wet leaves. They used AR simulation of an SUV on the road.

The 2016 US Election in Dubai

Al Arabiya used AR to bring the elections to the Dubai headquarters. These were the most widely discussed elections in the world.

The Storm’s Eye

CBS This Morning gave an exciting look inside the Hurricane Florence’s center.

The World’s Tallest Building

The Weather Channel brought Burj Khalifa and Statue of Liberty into their studio to demonstrate how much water fell during the South Carolina floods.

The Tornado’s Ravage

This is perhaps the most detailed and impressive AR based video clip. The host faces the tornado ravage and witnesses broken tree branches falling on the energized power lines. Vehicles were also carried through the sky. The effects of this AR are so real that you will start fearing for the host’s life.

Snow in Studio

The AR simulation is courtesy of the weather channel and explains the process by bringing small neighborhood on the studio’s floor. The snow can be seen falling from the ceiling of the room.


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