These Were Some Of The Most Amazing Offerings At This Year’s Tokyo Auto Show

Tokyo car show12

One of the biggest auto shows of the year kicked off in Chiba, Japan on January 15 and as usual, the car manufacturers didn’t disappoint. The Makauri Messe convention center in Japan where the upcoming concepts in cars were displayed saw a huge influx of auto enthusiasts from around the globe eager to see what the industry and designers had in store for them. Here are some of the best performers of the car show:

A Lamborghini for She; Lamborghini Murcielago with pink Swarovski crystals. 

Tokyo car show14

Nice bouquet of a car. Must have come with a built-in “Just Married” sign….

Tokyo car show13

This cool reptilian gold engraving on a Nissan GTR-35 is surreal.

Tokyo car show12

Two young onlookers appreciate the subtle beauty of the incredible custom audio system. It extends to the back seat with sparkling colors and swirling galactic design.

Tokyo car show11

Tokyo car show9

This odd-looking thing from the Tsukuba Institute of Science and Technology is called March 718 Speed Ster. I guess rain wasn’t considered in the making of this car!

Tokyo car show8

1949 Mercury appears to come out from the garage of a classical villain. It broke sales records when it was first released, and this impressive paint job takes it to an entirely new level.

Tokyo car show7

Mazda LM55 Vision from the video games Grand Turismo 6 is seen here in full scale. How cool is she?

Tokyo car show5

A Mercedes-AMG GT that will probably be released commercially this summer. 

Tokyo car show15

Mazda RX-Vision concept with a rotary engine!

Tokyo car show3

Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4 that has a compact design and very low gas exhaust emissions. 

Tokyo car show2

The car show ended this Sunday and what an amazing one it was this year!


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