These Voice-Cloned Joe Biden Speeches Are Going Viral

In the world of memes, the president of the United States has always been a favorite subject for ridicule. However, with the emergence of voice-cloning technology, memes are taking on a new level of absurdity.

Recently, AI-powered apps have been used to clone the voice of President Joe Biden, with hilarious results. These voice-cloned speeches are going viral, with people finding them to be a source of amusement and entertainment.

One particularly funny example is a speech by Biden, which Rolling Stone highlighted, where he talks about how he and Americans, in general, prefer low-quality marijuana. It’s a ridiculous statement that no one would expect the President to make, but the AI-generated speech sounds almost convincing. “You go up to someone and say, hey, I’m gonna give you a big bag of this heady bud but I’m taking your stash of mids, they’re gonna say, ‘C’mon man, get outta here!'” proclaims a fiery AI Biden, to rapturous applause.

Of course, it’s important to remember that these voice-cloned speeches are not real. They are a product of technology, and anyone with access to the right tools can create them. However, they do raise some interesting questions about the potential uses and misuse of this kind of technology.

On one hand, voice-cloning technology could be used for practical purposes, such as helping people with speech disabilities or enabling voice assistants to sound more natural. However, it’s clear that technology also has the potential to be abused, particularly in the realm of politics and propaganda.

As we’ve seen with deepfakes, the ability to create convincing fake content can be used to spread misinformation and sow discord. While the voice-cloned Biden speeches are harmless fun, they do serve as a reminder of the need to approach new technologies with caution and skepticism.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the ridiculousness of these AI-generated speeches and marvel at the power of technology to entertain and amuse us.

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