These Unusual Vending Machines In Japan Will Blow Your Mind

Vending machines are common everywhere. But, there are some vending machines that are not so common. A lot of these vending machines are found in Japan. Looking at them will blow your mind.

Slush Machine:

You can get soft drinks from most vending machines but can you get soft drinks that freeze on turning the bottle?

Energy and a good time:

These vending machines provide energy drinks like most machines but you can also get condoms here.

(Source: Vender Expert)

Face masks:

Japanese people are naturally careful and a little germophobic. The machines provide surgical masks to cover your face and nose in case you have a cold.

(Source: Vender Expert)

Animal Vendors:

Japanese pet stores are known for the puppy and kitten vending machines.

Sake shots:

The special Japanese wine made from rice is available in machines if you need a quick shot.

(Source: Vender Expert)

Healthy Machines:

It can only be in Japan where fruit is available in machines.

(Source: Vender Expert)

Clothing Machines:

There are actually machines that sell shirts in a variety of colours if you need one in an emergency.

No need for cafes:

You don’t need to go to expensive cafes in Japan if you want to enjoy a hot cup of latte.

(Source: Vender Expert)

Prayer machines:

You can simply get an inscribed prayer card from a machine if you forgot to bring one of your own.

(Source: Vender Expert)

Fish Soup:

On the first look, it might look like juice to you but it has the contents of a complete meal with a complete grilled fish and stock.

Gift Shops:

You don’t have to visit specialized gift shops when you can get everything from a vending machine.

(Source: Vender Expert)


Don’t feel like going out to a restaurant or waiting in lines to order your food? Simply spot one of these machines and get your burger in no time at all.


If you can make hamburgers in a machine, then crepes shouldn’t be that hard. The machines dispense fresh crepes complete with cream fruit and even caramel.

Fresh underwear:

If you ever find yourself in need of fresh underwear, you don’t have to search for a store.

(Source: Vender Expert)

Playboy Coffee:

This is the only place you will see the name of Playboy associated with coffee.

(Source: Vender Expert)

Party Time:

This machine has everything you could ever need to decorate a venue for a party.

(Source: Vender Expert)

Never Underdress:

The Japanese are very conscious about their clothing. You never have to underdress again.

(Source: Vender Expert)


Let us know if you have seen any of these around or if there are others that we might have missed.

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