These Telecube Workstations In Japan Are The Size Of A Phonebooth


The latest mobile offices equalling the size of a phone booth have surfaced in the markets of Japan. Widely being called Telecubes, these were much needed given the rising demand for public working spaces.

Japanese media initially reported Telecubes in 2019, when Mitsubishi announced rolling out of these compact workspaces to cater to remote workers’ rising demands. Telecube provides a perfect fit for a micro-office on the go. Workers can do their tasks with peace and silence even when at the busy train stations or the airport. Once you enterTelecube, you are all set for work.

It is the same as going to a coffee parlor and doing your remote work, but that doesn’t provide the level of privacy and comfort the way telecube promises to. You can take your Telecube to a serene holiday vacation spot or where ever else you deem it fit; it’s all up to your idea and possibilities.

These innovative work boxes appeared in the market more than a year ago. However, it was when COVID-19 struck our world and left millions confined at their homes to work. This surged the demand for Telecubes drastically, given that people needed a place to work where they could concentrate better, and telecubes were a perfect fit.

A news channel has reported that these innovative workspaces known as Telecubes can be bought from any branch of the 7-Eleven stores’ chain. Japan has over 100 Telecubes in place catering for public office spaces. However, this number is soon to rise to thousands of these installed in the coming times, given the changing work trends from home and increased remote positions.

Telecubes key characteristics

Each soundproof workspace is two meters in its length and one meter wide. It features a desk, seating, a computer system, and software that supports high-performance video conferencing from VCube. Telecube comes in two variants, one that suits solo workspace requirements, and the other one is designed for multiple individuals that support teamwork. Both the variants can be set up at any desired location with ease. No matter if it’s a busy train station or a serene mountainside, it is convenient to install.

Initially, in 2018, Mitsubishi started renting out these Telecubes at the rate of each hour. The results were so good that they suffered to some extent while meeting its rising demand. It was like this is pretty simple. These Telecubes provide far better comfort and solution than small offices, and renting them comes at a significantly less cost, hence attracted many who looked for a convenient and peaceful place to work.

These Telecubes can be easily bought from different platforms now, including hypermarkets, and especially from its designated mobile application that lets you make a pre-order to meet the rising demand. If you rent a Telecube, it would cost $2.37 for every 15 minutes of your use, and people are completely okay to pay this much for getting their tasks done in a comfortable ambiance.

One of the users reviewed it as, “It was a huge help since it’s difficult for me to talk in an online interview at home or coffee shops.”

Telecubes computer systems are configured toto remove the previous data of work on simple commands, so whenever a person uses it, they can remove their confidential data with ease. Moreover, these smart workplaces are breathable and feature a good ventilation system that makes them suitable for use,, with very few chances for the workers to contract the virus.


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