These Statues In Georgia Move On Their Own And Tell A Tragic Tale Of Love

moving statues georgia3

Statues moving on their own are a scary concept to consider but after seeing these two move around and sensing the tragic air in their movement, you will definitely overflow with emotions. But soon after you have suppressed these thoughts, you will also appreciate the technological marvel of these statues in the cold plains of Georgia. The fine arts cum engineering marvel consists of two figures of a man and a woman made of metal slats. At first they are facing each other and then they start to move closer and closer. There is a brief moment of contact between the two lovebirds, but it is quite short-lived as both of they keep moving and pass through completely. Afterwards, they move away with their backs to each other.

moving statues georgia2

It has a sad sight overall, as they did meet, but couldn’t become one entity due to stark differences in their cultural backgrounds. The two statues are from a popular local tale in which Ali, a Muslim boy and Nino, a royal princess held affection for each other. When they meet, they fell in love spontaneously, but they are eventually torn apart by society’s norms and invading forces. Their brief union is when it seems all will be well for them, but they couldn’t mix like oil and water and soon forced out of each other’s ways.

moving statues georgia

The novel was written by a local author with a pen name of Kurban Said. No one knows the real identity of the author to this day, but his captivating tragic tale has won the hearts of many around the region and inspired engineers and artists to create these statues. There is also the consideration of differences in religion and culture that stopped two people from coming close.

The whole process of their movement takes almost three minutes in total. What do you think of it?


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