These Smart Gloves Will Change How We Interact With Our Environment

smart glove

Future and What it Holds – Smart GloveAs we have already mentioned in our other articles, gadgets and new inventions/methods owe a great deal to the imagination of human mind. It is only after a concept has been imagined that scientists and engineers put their time into making it a reality.

Future and What it Holds – Smart Glove 2Today we have such a concept that might very well be a reality in the years to come. Say hello to Smart Glove equipped with a projector.

Future and What it Holds – Smart Glove 4The idea is to use hand gestures to accomplish tasks using the built-in projector and the smart glove. The tasks include making calls, taking pictures and browsing through content etc.  Although we do not have the technology to make this concept into a reality right now but this might very well be possible in the not so distant future.

Future and What it Holds – Smart Glove 3Imagine how that would change the way things are done and how they would be done in the future. Even if we keep the tech stuff aside, we’d say the glove sure looks classy!

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