These Shocking Photos Show The Difference In Architecture In Poor And Rich Areas Of Mexico

Oscar Ruíz Mexico Pictures

Mexican Bank Banamex ran an advertising campaign that has been named; ‘Erase the Difference’ and aims at bringing awareness in the community regarding community development in low-income areas. This is where the bank hired Oscar Ruíz, who is a professional photographer and helicopter pilot as well. The idea was for Oscar to capture the difference between the poor and well-off living areas that are co-existing in Mexico City. The whole process took Oscar two trips of the city and the pictures that came out are stunning and eye opening.

The pictures are juxtaposed with villas constructed right next to old buildings. At times, you may feel like the picture has been Photoshopped but that is not the case. The tagline, in fact, says; ‘This image has not been modified. It is time to change that.’ According to a poll; almost 46% of Mexico’s population lives below the poverty line and the country has the highest inequality rates in the world.

The campaign sure has taken up many fronts and rattled a number of folks into realizing what is going on here.

All picture rights and credits belong to Oscar Ruíz
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