These Scientists Will Release 3TB Of UFO Data Next Year

Ryan Sprague, a self-described UFO researcher, announced that UAPx, a corporation tasked with researching UFOs, or UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena), would be publicly releasing new material on the referenced UFOs soon. He revealed this in a Medium post.

Ryan wrote that the major goal of UAPx is to conduct UFO/UAP research while also providing direct access to material that has been evaluated and processed to the general public. UPC develops, tests, integrates and employs customized equipment to fill sensor technology gaps identified by the US government. UAPx provides research, education, inspiration, and technology breakthroughs in the study of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, acting as a civilian counterpart to the US Government’s UAPTF, AOIMSG, and other departments entrusted with examining the UFO/UAP phenomena.

UAPx group on an investigation, 2020 (Credit: Ryan Sprague )

“While UAPx supports efforts of organizations, such as Harvard-backed “The Galileo Project” and the “Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies,” we remain the only all-volunteer and non-funded civilian organization to have collected actionable scientific data regarding the UFO/UAP phenomena on multiple disparate sensor platforms with the goal of blind peer review and publication”, wrote Ryan in his post.

This data includes over 600 hours of infrared footage from a variety of FLIR® cameras, as well as three terabytes of visible imagery from several digital camera platforms. Sprague went on to say that the analysis of this data reveals a large number of unusual objects and occurrences that are still being investigated before being released to the public. He went on to say that the type and character of data collected could suggest incontrovertible proof of UFO/UAP presence.

Scientists Will Release Over 3 Terabytes of UFO Data in 2022

The Department of Defence established a new task force in November 2021 to discover and identify UFOs/UAPs flying through restricted airspace. Nothing has yet offered conclusive evidence of alien existence. For a long time, government agencies have been taking UFOs/UAPs seriously. Members of the House Intelligence Committee were given a classified briefing with FBI and US Navy officials in June 2021 to examine UFOs/UAPs, which have been deemed a national security danger by some politicians. In the same month, the US government issued the first-ever UFO/UAP report.

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