These Scientists Turned Ranch Dressing Into A 2 Karat Diamond – And It Has Sold For Over $12,000

Steve Henson established Hidden Valley Ranch, the US’s first ranch dressing brand, in 1954. Hidden Valley Ranch has dispensed a lot of people’s favorite ranch tastes throughout all meals and snacking situations, offering the bottled Hidden Valley Original Ranch in several kinds and formats for fans to experience. Ranch dressing, like diamonds, is said to last forever.

Obsessed With Ranch Dressing? Then You Can Put a Ring on It…Sort Of – JCK

Hidden Valley’s famed ranch seasoning has been transformed into a man-made diamond. Last year, the Chicago-based condiments firm opted to produce the 2-carat cut diamond, which took five months to finish. “We were prompted when one of our bespoke Valentine’s Day containers has been used in a wedding proposal last year,” Deb Crandall, Hidden Valley’s Marketing Director, stated in a news release about the delectable jewel. “We watched ranch love become a part of one of life’s most happy memories.”

The firm placed the diamond auction block on eBay, igniting a betting battle between ranch enthusiasts. Since the artifact was up for auction, it received over 70 bids. Bids had risen past $10,000 with the winning bid now listed as $12,550. Ranch dressing isn’t the first dish to be transformed into diamonds. Numerous carbon-containing substances can be converted into the gem at severe pressure and temperature. In 2014, a German team used to pressure and temperature in a lab to transform peanut butter into a diamond.

Hidden Valley unveils two-carat lab-grown diamond made out of RANCH  seasoning - Essential News

Ranch seasoning was cooked to a searing 2,500 degrees Celsius before being shaped into a diamond. ‘We’ll start with the ranch layout. ‘We grab that ranch layout and put it in a certain furnace,’ Vanden Biesen explained. ‘It is a furnace capable of reaching temperatures of 3,000 degrees Celsius.’ It is then reprocessed into graphite as a result of this process. And graphite is what is desired to be enclosed within the diamond press in order to remodel it right into a diamond.’ It was reprocessed to graphite before being subjected to 400 tonnes of stress for months. As a result, a gem with VVS1 was refined and fashioned into a two-carat brilliant-cut diamond.

Hidden Valley unveils two-carat lab-grown diamond made out of RANCH  seasoning | Daily Mail Online

Over the span of many months, the press used 400 tonnes of pressure to create a diamond. ‘In reality, it takes thousands upon thousands of years to form a diamond.’ ‘In this situation, we constructed the Hidden Valley Ranch diamond in five months,’ Dean VandenBiesen said. Feeding America will benefit from all the revenues.

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